Quiet Pipes™

Quiet Pipes are Live-Vibe Technology™ infused microphone stands.

Currently, the microphone stand design does very little to increase the quality of sound of the microphone. Hollow aluminum or steel tubing with plastic adaptors and tripods with limited floor contact sound very seventies-ish.

There is a lot of noise with the standard microphone stand, both inaudible and highly audible clattering sounds. Our goal is to reduce the quantity and volume of interference associated with this type of signal clogging.

By disposing of the plastic and replacing it with copper and brass, solidifying the tubes, and enhancing resonance conductivity, mechanically grounding the stand base creates a faster mechanical coupling pathway for resonance to flow and exit the design. Quiet Pipes will take on a State-of-the-Art profile in both function and cosmetics.

They will react much like our high-end equipment platforms, leaving us with an increase in overall fidelity by allowing the microphone to vibrate all on its own in a vibrating environment.

Quiet Pipes will increase microphone performance in the studio and on stage. Our expertise is more on the live stage so we are focused on that end of the show for prototyping the models.

There are those few touring musicians and individual percussionists who relate to sound on the road as a “who cares” musical sonic. It’s more of a move-in and exits the same-day progression so in order to save labor, money, and flight case space, they are using plastic clip-on mic holders clamped to the wood shells of their drums. The mics never have a chance as the drum shell and heads become one sound with the plastic-induced noises. Missing from the sound is the air, separation, and note details between the instrument and microphone.

We still believe the majority of musicians want to sound the best in a live environment and do not mind paying the additional costs of products, added weight, and labor to advance the sound of their kits, vocals, and systems. Synthetics have yet to prove to us, that they have musical properties so we roll with materials that the instruments themselves are used to make a sound.

Live-Vibe Audio’s primary uses will be in a testing lab where we record speaker output, quality, velocity, and of course, musical quality. We are also planning to host a series of YouTube instructional videos where the Quiet Pipes will be first introduced showing off a heightened level of quality in sound production. Next testing will be the comparisons from clamp-on products to individual stand mount stands on a set of drums. Then it is on to the female vocals.