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My name is Jeff Stephens, an audiophile for life. I am well versed in various applications of equipment, function, brand names, sound quality, and staging, and am considered an expert in the vibration management field.  

I look forward to helping audiophiles, music lovers, professional sound people, and musicians located in the center of the USA, currently servicing  Denver CO, Oklahoma City OK, St Louis, MO, Omaha NE, Dallas TX, and All Points in between.

This is a personal scheduled visit where I can analyze and discuss your system, offer my opinions on equipment and name brands, install any Soundstage products for audition and work towards your personal goals of attaining a higher level of musical achievement. 

I am being compensated by Live Vibe Audio to share my life experiences in sound reproduction. 

My personal goals are to earn your trust and the opportunity to earn your business through a live audition of vibration management products in your system and on your terms. 

The goals of this newfound in-house service and sharing some great music are to increase our knowledge of sound, learn more about people’s wants and desires, and explore various systems’ strengths and weaknesses. 

No purchase is necessary.

Invite some music people over and make it an event. 

Please fill out the form below with your information and suggested date and time of day to schedule your get-together.

Jeff Stephens

I look forward to meeting you and your friends.

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