Energy Rooms

Live Vibe Audio, LLC developed and manufactured a handful of prototyped listening and recording environments based on a newfound environmental mechanical grounding technology titled Live-Vibe Technology™ – the Science of Resonance Transfer. We are at the point where functionality, sound development, vibration management, cosmetics, overall design, and more importantly, deep-seated confidence motivate us to officially bring The Energy Room to market (2022).

Every audiophile, listener, music lover, sound engineer, and experienced musician knows their sound environment is the final speaker system. The sound of the room commands the spirit, emotion, and passion of the musical soul regardless of how much or how little money is invested into the equipment budget. 


The ENERGY ROOM is a complete product for the High-End Audio, Music, Theater, and Recording Industries. The purchase of this specialty environment includes structural design, material, and parts, personal hands-on expertise, and guidance for construction.

Live-Vibe Technology is a newfound method of vibration management based on the laws of motion, gravity, Coulomb friction, and Coulomb damping. Historically this highly adaptable and scalable technology has been used on the inside and outside of electronic components and speaker systems, equipment racking and speaker stands, power distribution systems, electrical panels, and musical instruments and has expanded to include critical listening sound rooms and recording suites.

Energy Room Finished Wall Corner

Upon entering this sound space, you will notice a change in air pressure when the customized door is first closed.  Your voice sounds more natural and is easily understood without having to address volume or increased vocal sibilance. There is an ease of relaxation and quietness until the first note is struck.

You immediately hear something special is going on. The mind opens to a fresh reality as the body feels the beat as you are suddenly immersed in a musical quality unlike anything ever experienced from an audio system. 

From highs to lows, this sound room plays every note with dynamic clarity and layers of harmonious structure. Floor noise appears as non-existent, sonic reflections or disruptive echoes are gone however there is a liveliness, a non-damped musical quality as the room takes on a life-sized image of the venue where the recording took place.

If it is a higher volume you prefer, no problem, the amplifiers run out of headroom prior to the walls and ceiling acoustically overloading. This has been proven, not only by us but Mr. Robert Tavaglione, Sound Engineer and Writer for ProAudio Review who put the room to the physical and technical test.

Using Chromatic Scale – Red = Normal Room No Acoustic Treatment Black = Mechanically Grounded

One of the many benefits this environment provides is the realization and understanding that you do not need overly expensive equipment to experience “live”. If you ask anyone who experienced an Energy Room, they will attest; that a great-sounding room with good gear is a lot more enjoyable than an acoustically treated room loaded with top-of-the-line equipment. Of course, having the world’s best sound environment plus the top equipment is audio reproduction’s answer to musical heaven.

The math is simple. For the cost of a high-end amplifier or speaker system, you can own a space that will appreciate in many ways both financially as real estate values increase over time but more importantly, you constantly expand your love of music and sound reproduction. In one year that amplifier or speaker purchase will be worth what? Our bets are The Energy Room will far outweigh any equipment’s investment and value in a really short amount of time.

Should you move, most of the mechanical grounding parts can be removed and placed in your next location without destroying the original room. A few sheets of drywall and paint and no one will ever know the property once contained an Energy Room.

A 21-foot deep x 13-foot wide environment is capable of sitting two, four, or up to six listeners depending on chair sizing. The soundstage exceeds wall boundaries with an extra-wide center image. A side benefit is you can have a conversation with the person sitting next to you at normal voice volumes when the system is playing music at a high power output. The room size is relative to budget or anyone’s desire to play on a larger stage.

Hope to see you soon!

This ER is open for auditions by appointment only.

Remember your first listen?

That feeling of wow and sense of amazement that pulled you in forever?

The Energy Room is a place where you can fall in love with music all over again. 

Serving as one of Live Vibes Founding Fathers, this long-time retired sound engineer is a bit prejudiced. I never imagined the rush I get from being part of a project that serves as an audio testing and research facility, listening and/or recording suite, musician’s practice flat, or owning one of the greatest movie theater environments imaginable. 

I was weaned on the kick drum, snare, hi-hat, bass guitars, and the percussion only a piano provides. I dreamt of a room that delivers concert realism, and produces genuine sound pressure levels, feeling the chest impact yet delicate sensitivities and natural decays we hear from a live musical experience. The Energy Room takes you musically deeper into the leading-edge dynamic and harmonic structures of any recording regardless of playback format”.

The Energy Room is a big step towards the musical finale!  Robert Maicks, Live Vibe Audio, LLC

We cannot display the “Trade Secrets” that deliver functionality but are working on mechanical drawings that will take you a step further into the build and design of the interior walls.

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