On-going Innovations

Future Products:

Soundstage Audio is a never-ending resource for new applications of Live-Vibe Technology, audio equipment and loudspeaker designs, and musical instrument products that manage resonance caused by vibrations.

Thomas DeVuono, product specialist is test-marketing a device for violin that improves sound much like the cello and upright bass endpins. We will keep you updated with the success and growth of the Tone Acoustics adjustable violin end-peg.

Robert Maicks is involved with acoustic control using mechanical means and parts that function similar to the Energy Room product. We can control more wall space with smaller devices in comparison to those large absorbent wall panels and bass traps. This new methodology relies on mechanical grounding, the use of hard surfaces, the discovery of newer principles of sound function, and the tools to back out our theorem of room acoustics and how sound travels. 

The new prototypes are titled Mechanical Panels™. We do not know their capacity as of yet but if the math works, it is viable and should become a Live-Vibe Audio product of the future.

Dale Humphrey is in the Energy Room testing a newer design of the Caravelle Loudspeaker System using ribbon tweeters and a more affordable monitor platform design.

Jeff Stephens is about to embark on our initial effort to bring a vibration expert and audiophile into your home. Check out his page on the website menu. He is also involved with manufacturing field-coil drivers that involve applying Live-Vibe Technology to another new trend in audio.

Due to Covid19, inflation, and shortages of materials used in our manufacturing process, this list is being worked on however expected release dates have become more difficult to quantify so please be patient with us through these trying times.