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SAVE ON SETS of 2.0-inch Audio Points with APCD4 Inverted Coupling Discs

Set of 3 – Regular price $429.99.99 Sale Price – $349.99

Set of 4 – Regular price $499.99  Sale Price – $429.99

This Audio Point™ is designed to support the largest electronic components, loudspeakers, equipment racks, turntables, concert reinforcement speakers, guitar and keyboard amplifiers, DJ speakers, power supplies, and power distribution networks.

The two-inch high Audio Point will easily handle the weight or anything used in audio reproduction.

In high-end audio, the uses are countless as this product also serves to hold the largest and heaviest of speaker systems and serves as a highly functional asset when threaded into the base of equipment racking systems. There are multiple threads available so please telephone the company so we can service all of your needs.




  • Total Body Height = 2.0 inches, including APCD5 Coupling Disc = 2.35 Inches, APCD4 = 2.30 inches
  • Outside Flange Diameter = 1.25 Inches
  • Weight Capacity 2,000+ pounds per three-point bearing system
  • Support: Three Audio Points are recommended for most applications; however, some larger amplifiers, speakers, or turntables may require a fourth set.
  • Simply insert the Audio Points into the APCD4 receiving cup. They will balance themselves in the discs until chassis placement. Place them in a triangular shape. There are no rules governing placement. The positioning never has to be in the shape of an isosceles triangle function.
  • For experienced audiophiles, the sonic outcomes are in your control. Tips facing skyward deliver one speed, tips facing down deliver another speed of resonance flow. Most listeners prefer tips down however that is not always the case. Some have mixed them, tweaking the system more to their preference, say two tips down and one tip-up.  
  • We recommend that the Audio Points be placed inside the chassis away from the original footer system. For best results, move them in towards the center approximately 1.5 to 2 inches from the outer edges and remove factory footers whenever possible.

Listener's Comments

Hi Robert,

I wanted to thank you for everything, an excellent product and customer service. And BOY, those audio points are truly remarkable, I’ve never heard my Revels sing like it before. They are every penny that’s for sure. If I have enough room in my rack, I will get a pair of the SP 101 for Mcintosh mono blocks.

Thanks to you once again,



By: Wilson Aguete