It is a speaker plinth, amplifier stand, power supply support, or anything you want it to be. The Rhythm RP-1 is one if not the finest single-shelf equipment supports made. It holds over 2,000 pounds of mass so large items are simple to install on the shelf. Compare this device to any in the marketplace regardless of price and hear all the qualities we are offering the listener. 

The major benefits include:  

1 Vibration management: Infused with Live-Vibe Technology™ that reduces heat in electronic components while maximizing the component or speakers’ mechanical and/or electrical operational efficiency so you hear more of what your product is capable of in musical terms and characteristics such as the attack sustain and decays of music and sound.

2 Sonic Rewards: Delivers an essence of sonic currently missing from your system. This benefit is difficult to describe other than once you hear it, the realization of that missing link becomes so obvious, every system you hear after that with or without the support of Live-Vibe governs the truth of sound and that advantage will literally speak for itself.

3 Acoustic and Mechanical Control: Gain control over the system components. What is control? Related to sonic, the control allows for a highly audible seamless transparency between the electronics and speaker systems, subwoofers, and satellites and you will notice that sweet sensation of you controlling the equipment versus the equipment dictating to the room. 

Floating or isolating components establish more acoustical nightmares where you spend a lot more income using bandaids like acoustic panels to solve issues that originate at the source which is the equipment rack itself. Eliminate those issues from the formula and you will spend more money on purchasing music instead of chasing issues you may never control because of the resonance build-up issues and equipment rack’s relationship governing your equipment’s operational efficiency. 


Optional Purchase: Add a Fourth 2.5 Inch Audio Point, APCD4 Coupling Disc, and AP-TB-HND-1A.5 Turning Bolt Package to any shelf. Additional Audio Points increase overall performance on any component or loudspeaker. Note: Leveling may become an issue using a four-point bearing system due to warped equipment chassis or speaker enclosures. In order to level use BW-1.5-2.0W Leveling Washers.


  • Three (3) RP-FLR-PNT 3.5 Inch Large Rhythm Floor Points
  • Three (3) RP-TOP-CAP – Top caps for top shelf
  • Three (3) Audio Point model 2.5AP-1AINT – Shelf Audio Points
  • Three (3) AP-TB-HND-1A.5 Turning Bolts – For Audio Points tension
  • Three (3) APCD4 Coupling Discs – Inverted for equipment contact
  • Three (3) APCD5 Large Coupling Discs – For flooring, including all carpets
  • Shelf Thickness – .3125 Inches (5/16”)
  • Outside Width – 26 Inches, Depth – 24 Inches
  • Ship Weight – 50 Pounds, 2 Boxes 


Listener's Comments

“Every cut had such precision of the instruments’ and singers’ location and such ease that I could envision myself at the performance. On the cut above from Frank Sinatra, I now had a much better seat than anyone there at the actual event.”

Norm Luttbeg, Contributor Reviewer StereoTimes.com