Introducing the Rhythm Advantage Shelf. Listeners always want to know how a larger shelf with smaller Audio Points perform in comparison to a smaller steel shelf with bigger Audio Points.

There are subtleties to both sonic results and performance values. To date, it has been the factory representative’s call as there are very few of us with the knowledge and experience to provide you the information sharing as to why or how the call is made. 

At times, the price points are extremely close but they do not drive the sale towards one model instead of the other. The shelving is sometimes within inches of the next step up so we make the call according to the component or loudspeaker or power device or turntable that is being applied to the formula.

Currently, there are four experts that can make that call and will do their best to see that you remain taken care of with all of your applications. We consider growth expectations, future desires, and benefits in all of our client relationships.

Live Vibe Audio has never offered a product selection such as this in our prior history. We will guide you, recommend parts upgrades, and have come up with a unique Trade-Up Program designed to keep you our valued client over the millennia. 

This is how we do business and why our products maintain the highest level of financial value over time. Our promise to you in earning your business is to maintain our character and expertise surrounding vibration management at all times. 

99% of everything else in the market related to vibration management enjoys the years of storytelling, parts creations, brainwashing, belief in age-old philosophies and theorems, and of course, there is always the “kill all vibration” mentalities existing since the dawn of absorption and isolation, and then there is us – the 1%.

Ever wonder why Live Vibe Audio owns the oldest vibration management product, the Audio Point that still sets sales records to date?



  • Three (3) 1.0AP-1AINT
  • Three (3) 1.0AP-1A.5 Audio Points
  • Six (6) APCD4 Coupling Discs
  • One (1) Advantage Shelf
  • Overall Exacting Height = 2.70 Inches
  • Shelf Measurements 18.75″ W x 16.25″ D x 0.25” H

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