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SAVE ON SETS of 1.0-inch Audio Points with APCD4 Inverted Coupling Discs

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Set of 4 – Regular price $389.99  Sale Price – $299.99

Why use an Audio Point under computers? The Audio Point is being studied and tested in many industries outside of audio. Their mechanical grounding process reduces heat. When the temperature is reduced in any electrical device, performance increases in all aspects. Operational efficiency is heightened and anyone can see the increased video resolution, feel the chassis heat reduce and the sonic always gets much better. The real benefit is that the parts’ longevity is increased over time so the computer will last well past its warranty period.  

The APCD4 Coupling Disc used in combination with the Audio Point increases performance and establishes Easy Installation.

The secret behind Audio Point performance:

Maintains the attack, sustain, and decays of the notes without altering the musical character of the component. These qualities are what sustained the Audio Point’s life in an overpopulated market with a plethora of gadgets that claim to manage vibration but unfortunately, always alter the natural musical properties of sound.  

PRINCIPAL USES – Computers,  CD players and transports, A/V receivers, gaming systems, smaller power amplifiers, pre-amplifiers, digital processors. turntables, DVD and Blue-ray® players (visual image details and colors are also improved), sound mixers, loudspeaker monitors, and mounting AC panels to walls


  • Total Body Height Including APCD4 Coupling Disc =1.00 Inches
  • Outside Diameter =1.00 Inches
  • Weight Capacity 1,000 pounds  per three-point bearing system
  • Recommended Support: Three Audio Points are recommended for most applications; however, some larger amplifiers, speakers, or turntables may require a fourth set.
  • Simply insert the Audio Points into the APCD4 receiving cup. They will balance themselves in the discs until chassis placement. Place them in a triangular shape. There are no rules governing placement. The positioning never has to be in the shape of an isosceles triangle function. We recommend that the Audio Points be placed inside the chassis away from the original footer system. For best results, move them in towards the center approximately 1.5 to 2 inches from the outer edges. The sonic improvements are immediate and will increase over the next seven to fourteen days. You hear improvements in sound each day, so you know very well the product is working in your favor.

Listener's Comments

“So I think I’ve discovered why Audio Points have been around for such a long time: They really work. They keep their promises.

As someone who has tried and been disappointed by many tweaks and accessories that claim to cloak, reduce, or eliminate the “smear” of resonance, I was somewhat taken aback to hear such an immediate and dramatic difference. That difference was there from the first, and it only deepened and intensified as I added more Audio Points into the mix. Which is to say, the more I listened, the closer my dropped jaw got to the floor.”

Value For The Money = ♪♪♪♪♪

Max Westler,
Enjoy the Music.com®