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SAVE ON SETS of 1.5-inch Audio Points with APCD4 Inverted Coupling Discs

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Commonly referred to as the Industry Reference Standard, the 1.5AP1D is the most popular Audio Point with sales of this model exceeding 650,000 units. The APCD4 Coupling Disc increases performance and establishes Easy Installation.

The secret behind Audio Point performance:

Maintains the attack, sustain, and decays of the notes without altering the musical character of the component. These qualities are what sustained the Audio Point’s life in an overpopulated market with a plethora of gadgets that claim to manage vibration but unfortunately, always alter the natural musical properties of sound.  

Try a simple experiment. Place a set of three Audio Points under an amplifier or any component that uses rubber, cork, springs, pucks, or plastic footers. Locate them inside the factory footer system for a metal chassis to Audio Point contact. Gravity will do the rest.

Listen to the system for a couple of days with the new Audio Points then remove the factory footers from the component. Place the component back on the Audio Points and you will hear the negative sonic effects that cheap materials and less effective footer designs produce. 

A resulting example: if the factory footers are made from rubber, you will immediately begin to remove all rubber or Sorbathanes® parts located anywhere in your audio system. Rubber is not one of our favorite materials for use in sound reproduction as it absorbs dynamics and harmonic structures which are the very thing we seek as listeners and music lovers. 


  • Total Body Height =1.5 inches, including APCD5 Coupling Disc = 1.85 Inches, APCD4 =1.80 inches
  • Outside Flange Diameter = 1.25 Inches
  • Weight Capacity 2,000 pounds per three-point bearing system
  • Support: Three Audio Points are recommended for most applications; however, some larger amplifiers, speakers, or turntables may require a fourth set.
  • Simply insert the Audio Points into the APCD4 receiving cup. They will balance themselves in the discs until chassis placement. Place them in a triangular shape. There are no rules governing placement. The positioning never has to be in the shape of an isosceles triangle function.
  • For experienced audiophiles, the sonic outcomes are in your control. Tips facing skyward deliver one speed, tips facing down deliver another speed of resonance flow. Most listeners prefer tips down however that is not always the case. Some have mixed them, tweaking the system more to their preference, say two tips down and one tip-up.  
  • We recommend that the Audio Points are placed inside the chassis away from the original footer system. For best results, move them in towards the center approximately 1.5 to 2 inches from the outer edges and remove factory footers whenever possible.