The smallest of Audio Points were designed for specific uses. 

The most popular use is between monitors and the top shelves of speaker stands. Throw out the rubber pads and dots and sticky plastic-sounding Blu-Tacs® and replace them with geometry and material science. The difference in listening is simply astounding. They work with any sized monitors and any speaker stands. No matter how large or heavy the satellite monitor speakers are, this smallest of Audio Points will not let you down. 

Stacking equipment chassis is another use. Of course, we would like to see a shelf located between each component but if the height does not permit or budgets are not there yet, the combination APCD2 Coupling Disc and the .2Ap.7D are the answer. It forms a single set of frequencies across the different components where they all begin to work together as a single resonance transfer mechanism.

For the DIY crowd, remove the rubber insulators between the chassis and transformers and replace them with these resonance conductive products, and your amps and/or components will take amazing strides forward in sonic prowess. We recommend that Universal or Threaded Audio Points are also engaged between the chassis and equipment shelving to provide a final high-speed exit for resonance flow out and away from your equipment. Live Vibe Audio and products are not responsible in any way for damages or injuries as this application is strictly for advanced audiophiles and technicians willing to alter their equipment. Do not ship any equipment even in factory-supplied packaging with modifications.  

For best results in all cases, we recommend the addition of APCD2 Coupling Discs used in combination with the 0.2AP.7D Audio Points.




  • Total Body Height = 0.185 inches
  • Outside Flange Diameter = 0.746 Inches
  • Weight Capacity 800 pounds per three-point bearing system

Listener's Comments

Greetings from Middle Earth. (-:

Well I have to say “Thank You, Thank You, Thank You” and also “Congratulations” with a capital C on such a fine product. Without doubt the Audiopoints are far and away the best audio product I have purchased in years. My system has always been flat and lacking in dynamics and now it literally sparkles.

Bevan James,
New Zealand