Excerpts from Wavac HE-833 Amplifier Review

Excerpts from Wavac HE-833 Amplifier Review

The exceptional Sistrum SP-1 System Stand (left) and SP-6 Rack (not reviewed in this article)

Jim had been kind enough to help me arrange the shipment of a pair of well-matched stands for the HE-833’s that he recommended most highly: the Sistrum SP-1 (see below). My interest in good system synergy is no surprise to readers of PF/PFO; I have for many years now been an advocate of looking for good matches in fine audio. Some components do well together in a given room; others do not. (Sorry, Harry—there is no such thing as “absolute sound,” nor reference components that are exceptional regardless of their setting.) I therefore usually look for a designer’s or a manufacturer’s recommended ancillary components, as a point of departure for a review. Oftentimes their recommendation is a good one; sometimes it is not. This time around, it turned out to be an excellent recommendation. I had to set up the Sistrum SP-1’s before I could proceed with the final placement of the HE-833’s. Putting these together was a simple task, though getting the points into the right position for contact with the WAVAC chassis takes some adjustment. Jim Ricketts prefers placing the tiptoes so that the outside of the chassis frame is ‘toed. You’ll have to experiment to find a placement that works in your room… I’d agree with Jim. At the risk of getting ahead of myself, I have to say that the Sistrums certainly have that rare balance of exceptional appearance and functionality. I’ve used a number of isolation platforms over the years, but the Sistrums are unquestionably among the best that I’ve ever heard for tube amps. The sound of the HE-833’s without the SP-1’s is noticeably less clear, less tight and focused; transients just don’t have the same “jump” with the HE-833’s minus the SP-1’s. The addition of the Sisttrum stands unquestionably improved the performance of the HE-833’s—to the point at which I would say that you should not consider the purchase of the WAVAC 833’s without also acquiring a pair of the Sistrum SP-1’s. All of my commentary on the HE-833’s assume placement on these isolation platforms. There—SP-1 rave over—enough said!

Reviewed by David Robinson Editor in Chief Positive Feedback Online

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By: David Robinson

Editor in Chief Positive Feedback Online