Performance Advantage Goes To – The Original AUDIO POINTS™

The Oldest Equipment Footer on the Planet

Surviving the first 30 years in the Audio Industry – How did they do that?

Today there are a few types of brass component chassis and conical footer devices available in the accessory marketplace. Manufacturers provide various descriptions for their product functionality. 

When comparing brass cones you will see there are multiple descriptions of functionality, some of which are completely opposite that of Audio Points, even though they are all cones made from what appears to be brass. 

Listed below are four categories that determine the value and performance of The Original Audio Points™.

1. Functionality:

The functionality of Audio Points™ and used in tandem with Live Vibe Audio Platforms is based on the implementation of Live-Vibe Technology™.

Utilizing a specific geometry, which embodies a solid and proven understanding of the laws of Coulomb friction and energy transfer, provides an ultra-efficient grounding plane for resonance to flow out and away from the loudspeaker or component to the earth’s ground. 

Live-Vibe Technology does not limit or try to stop the components or speakers from vibrating. Its primary purpose is to transfer or dissipate excess resonance energy which continuously accumulates within and on any vibrating surface. 

The specific geometry coupled with the material science establishes the sonic merit related to the three-decade-old Audio Points. They maintain the musical characteristics known as attack, sustain, and decays while opening the audio spectrum to the full frequency range of 20 to 20kHz.

A. Brass is a conductive material that will conduct and transfer mechanical, airborne, and electrical resonance.

B. Brass does not “isolate” components or loudspeakers from vibrations.

It often appears that much of the documentation pertaining to resonance control in the High-End Audio Industry is described as, or titled and referred to as ‘Isolation’. This terminology compels the brain to associate audio equipment floating in a space free from detrimental vibrations or listening to equipment in a vibration-free environment.

In our opinion, the term isolation is one of the biggest oxymoron terminologies used in the High-End Audio Industry. If a company exploits constrained layer damping or absorption processes, it is called isolation. If a company uses resonance energy transfer, it is again called isolation. There are major differences between these approaches confusing the audiophile. All have different sonic outcomes where, in our humble opinion, isolation is the single version that is least understood, non-scientific, and assumed by all that it functions. Maybe in outer space but not here on planet earth.

Vibration is made up of layers of harmonics and dynamics which we all seek to attain as listeners, so why is vibration bad?

From time to time, we have read on audio forums that the goal of the listener or manufacturer is to eliminate all vibration from their audio system, hence inventing vibration-free components and vibration-free listening environments. In other words, make everything sound dead. We have no idea as to what would make sound at that point since the very basic properties of vibration are required to establish sound.

Sound is a result caused by vibration.

2. Geometry Matters:

Audio Points have various body styles and shapes targeting specific purposes in determining the flow of resonance, speed, time, and decay to maximize sound quality.

We have discovered a long time ago there are so many variables in chassis design that one could not cover the all the products in our industry by offering a few conical structures (small, medium, and large) that appear to have the same body style which leads us to the next level of understanding.

It is important that one analyzes the mass, material makeup, and chassis design of the speaker or component prior to determining which Audio Point would provide the best result. This is why the telephone call is free and we will be happy to answer all of your questions.

Carpeted surfaces and hardwood flooring also affect function. To remedy this situation the tips on Audio Points have a specified geometry. They do not appear as a standardized apex similar to most cones. These tips are designed to penetrate all carpets, wood floors, or shelving. In situations where you desire to protect the hard surface from scratches, the family of Audio Point Coupling Discs handles this requirement.

As carpet is manufactured the fibers are woven together. The graduating bottom slope slowly spreads the fibers away from the body allowing just the tip of the Audio Point to penetrate the carpet and pad and touch the sub-flooring. We have no record of complaints about Audio Points causing any damage to the carpet or padding.

3. Material Science:

The material must be properly matched to the geometry in order to optimize the end result.

The differences in costs of brass cones are directly related to the grade of brass used in manufacturing.

Most brasses used within this Industry come from the Alpha-beta brass group and contain a percentage of lead that ensures an easier malleability. The lead acts as a lubricant thus preserving cutting tools’ life spans. Brass is manufactured and processed in ‘grades’ such as a lower grade of brass is graded at 200 and a higher grade establishes itself at 300 on up. The more expensive brass arrives with ‘Industry Certifications’ designating the chemical makeup.

The lower grades contain far more lead which is a cost-effective material. The higher grades of brass contain far less lead and much more of the higher-priced metals such as copper.

In the musical instrument business, some brass formulas are considered Trade Secrets. Ever wonder why an entry-level saxophone sells for a few hundred dollars, and a much higher level of sound quality, like the Selmer® brand, can cost in the thousands of dollars? The quality and composition of brass remain the difference between the pricing and sonic quality of both saxophones.

The reality of employing such a higher grade of brass is only part one of many steps in manufacturing Audio Points. The remaining factors lie deep within the finishing process.

4. Finished Appearance:

When using a higher grade of brass (containing more copper) within a design, you realize it is extremely susceptible to oxidation.

Oxidation of brass will alter the natural brilliance of its appearance and turn the sheen into a dark shade or ‘green’ color. This degrading process also changes the material itself at the molecular level becoming a primary concern. Defective material will alter the end result of functionality.

The more affordable versions of brass cones contain a much higher content of lead versus copper. You can usually note this visually by their color content. Less expensive brass will have a very deep or murky tone leaning towards the darker color spectrum. Some sellers elect to paint the brass black in avoiding exposure to critics and that layer of additional material renders the brass totally ineffective for the purpose of the design.

Brass can also be manufactured to appear as a fine piece of jewelry. This process is called electroplating where the core material of brass never comes in contact with the equipment degrading the entire process of using brass as the primary material for the design.

So the trick now becomes how to preserve the higher grades of brass and keep it free from oxidation?

The details of the finishing process employed by Live Vibe Audio are regarded as a ‘trade secret’. Over the past thirty years of manufacturing Audio Points, the finish continues to retain its silky natural appeal of high-grade brass. If not, call us, and for a minimal charge will refinish the Audio Points as new.

DO NOT USE BRASSO® or any other BRASS CLEANERS on Audio Points. Brass cleaners are abrasives and will ruin the finish by exposing the raw brass to oxidation thus ruining the chemistry and product function.

Our Performance Guarantee:

In 1999 Live Vibe Audio was the first-ever company providing a 100% Total and Complete Satisfaction Guarantee for your listening enjoyment or we will refund the investment. Many listeners and Industry affiliates believed Live Vibe Audio would be out of business shortly thereafter whereas nowadays, every company competing for your business has to commit to the same therefore the listener has the capacity for auditions and can easily determine what products perform the best – without losing their investment dollars.

There is a lot more audible sonic quality existing in the equipment you already own. The Audio Points will deliver that missing content in performance. Be sure to pull out all the old favorites as you will soon realize there is a lot more musical information hidden in those deep grooves! 

We remain extremely confident that you will agree.

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