Chicago – One Great Audiophile Town!

What’s up, Robert?

Man, I got to tell you, everything you said about that rack is true. 

This is more background and reading than you probably ever want to read but I feel the need.  The only thing I’ve been in search of to finish my buying spree of the past 4 years was a STRONG rack that could hold that tt and other items and hopefully it would even sound a little better than the Quadraspire like rack I’d been using.  I’d looked seriously at Steve Blinn racks, Timbernation, and almost bought a Mapleshade Samson rack twice, but the same guy selling it kind of hosed me both times and sold it to another guy–apparently verbal deals mean nothing to some.  During that experience, I noticed alot of Agon members continually were spouting the virtues of the Sistrum racks as being THE best sounding rack regardless of price.

The change in the sound of my system with that Sistrum rack in it on 3 items is drop dead stunning–and you say it’s going to improve for a week–WOW!!!!  The added clarity to good components that were sounding good in the first place to now being a combination of explosive dynamics, clarity that’s just amazing, and beauty–the sound is just lovely, sweet and even albums and cds that sounded less than stellar are WAY better than before–I would never have guessed that last part.

I still haven’t received the speaker platforms yet but should within a week.  You tell me they make a bigger difference than the racks.  I really don’t know if I can stand it.  God has truly blessed my final opportunity to get an item needed for support of the equipment.

Robert, this technology involved is WAY beyond my comprehension, but I’ve been blessed with very good ears for what music sounds like.  Your Sistrum racks and platforms are not just the single greatest addition to my system, they have taken my system that I get to listen to anytime, to a level I’ve never heard in my life, including the 3 best sounding concerts that they had tweaked to perfection and all the mega buck stereo stores I’ve ever been in the Chicago area.

Your new friend who loves music as much as you, Bob

By: Bob Stark

Teacher, Educator & Audiophile

July 24, 2012