We Love Working with Musicians Invovled in HI-Fi

“I have a strong music background – both in being a musician playing piano and percusson – as well as being a self-proclaimed “audiophile”. I consider myself to be especially critical when listening to a live performance as to how well the percussive instruments are tuned and played, as well as how accurately they are reproduced through audio equipment.

The best way that I can describe the change that I’ve experienced using Star Sound Audio’s products is “more musical.” Skeptics may attempt to disprove the science and thinking that the folks at Star Sound Audio have applied to the development of their products. My experience with the Audio Points, Micro-Bearing Conductive Steel, and Sistrum components has been that they have elevated my system to a place that has literally made guests that hear my system start tapping their feet, start singing, and start moving their body to the music. These visceral responses are all the proof that I need that these produsct work – they work VERY well! One of my favorite comments from a listener was “you didn’t change your cables, or your components! What have you done to get such an imporvement?”

I’m not writing this in the hopes of selling Star Sound Audio’s products. They have people they pay to do that. What I am here to share with you is that the products that I’ve purchased from Star Sound Audio work – and they have elevated my system to a level that I didn’t know was attainable with the equipment that I have.

If you are willing to spend a little money to try their products out, you too may get to the place where you’re not just listening to music any more – you’ve arrived at a place where the music now moves your soul!

B. Huntley

By: B. Huntley

Musician & Audiophile

July 4, 2013