Risk Taking From Down Under

sistrum platforms

Hi Robert,

So sorry I have not got back to you for so long mate. To be honest I have been crazy busy this year and a number of important things really needed finalizing which has distracted me from other priorities. I enjoyed our convos. Also I felt kinda bad for taking so long getting your Sistrums implemented into my system which also deterred me a bit from getting back to you. I wanted to have something to report.

Well guess what. Finally in !  Actually about 2 weeks ago. I’m home again and finally playing my system properly again WITH Sistrum.

Best 2 weeks so far this year haha.

These things really do work don’t they. No point me stating all the improvement I hear as you only know too well obviously. More open lively and dynamic for a start. So clear. But yea basically I hear improvement to some degree in all aspects top to bottom and every which way.  Very nice!

I tried a few variations and so far it seems they work best under my Xovers first then amps and speakers. I am using magnetic isolation under conditioner and source.

Audio Points under subs are a nice little improvement too. Those points are surely well worth their cost!

Sistrum look great too. Workmanship is very impressive too obviously.  Packing was close to best I have seen. Great stuff all round Robert!

Very happy with this investment. Thanks allot!

By: Peter Anon – Australia

Avid Listener

May 15, 2013